Xietian Xiao · Ma Di · Honghua Hui

Modern Sky Festival

No matter what your taste in music might be, Modern Sky Festival has it for you. Live music brings you in the moment and takes you down the memory lane.

Tsai Chin

Oct.8th LA Concert

Tsai's songs are like fine wines and they get better as they age. Her voice brings the strong feelings of romance and sentiment from the old days to the audience.

De Yun She

De Yun She North America Tour

De Yun She is the benchmark in crosstalk. The performance by the comedians are extremely humorous and enjoyable, giving the audience a unique and memorable experience.



Immerse yourself in Yang’s soft voice and let Della’s affectionate vocal brings out all your emotions. You are in for a treat of a lifetime.


Road To Happiness World Tour

Fanfan's music will always be able to show different levels of emotion. In her journey to find happiness, countless heartwarming songs have been composed and shared with the world.